Business Advisory & Consultancy

Empowering You In Running Your Business Better

We know how passionate you are about your business, but to build a successful one, you also need to ensure that your financial health is in tip-top shape.

Cartmill Stewart & Co. is not just about accounting, bookkeeping, and compliance– we can also empower you in making sound decisions that drive growth through our reliable advisory services.

Business Planning and Forecasts

In order to build a thriving business, you need to plan ahead. Financial forecasts are a crucial part of developing a business plan, and we can ensure that these are both meaningful and robust.

Strategic Direction

With the depth and breadth of our experience, we can provide you with strategic insights and timely advice that can positively impact your business. Let us work closely with you and help you map out a clear direction for your business– get in touch with us today!

Management Consultancy

Our team can review your credit control, stock control, budgeting, and financial reporting systems and allow you to take full control of these key areas of your business. We can also help you address specific problem areas in your business such as gross profit, cost control, and stock valuation.

Whether you’re new in the business world or simply want to grow your business further, our dependable business advisors can help take your business to the next level.


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