Getting VAT back on equipment supplied to workers

Currently you pay your employees an allowance to buy equipment which they use for work. But a business associate says it’s more VAT efficient for you to buy the equipment and lend it to your staff. Is this correct? VAT and employees Employers and employees have a special relationship for VAT purposes as far as wages are concerned. While workers... [FIND OUT MORE »]

Update to refunds made by HMRC

On 1st April 2015, HMRC updated their system to change the way they allocate repayments of overpaid tax. HMRC will only process the refund using the details entered in boxes 4-14 on page 6 of the core return if there had not been any payment made by debit or credit card prior to this. Therefore, your request will be ignored and the repayment will be automatically... [FIND OUT MORE »]

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Business records checks to go

HMRC has decided to scrap its controversial business records checks. What implications might this have for your business? Just checking! In 2011 HMRC started its business records checks (BRCs) claiming it wanted to help businesses identify shortcomings in their bookkeeping. It suggested that this was the root cause of many incorrect tax returns and so wanted to help businesses get... [FIND OUT MORE »]